Talk of the Town!

Hello guys! I missed you the past few days. I want to share with you this drawing I did during my participation to Talk of the Town show on MTV. It”s a parody of their TV ad that has been running, that you can watch here.

The show will be aired tonight, Thu 25 November, at 9:15PM Beirut time. You can also check it out . The shooting took 6 painful hours and I”m anxious about the outcome… We”ll see how it goes this evening…

Until then, here”s 2 delightful songs for you. “Strawberry Fields Forever” & “Here comes the sun” from the Beatles” Love album. Have a beautiful day 🙂

13 Strawberry Fields Forever

18 Here Comes The Sun_The Inner Light [Transition]Thank you Hayete for the songs!

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  • Zeina Gabriel Thursday, November 25, 2010   Reply →

    Best of luck 🙂

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  • John Thursday, November 25, 2010   Reply →

    Cool…I look forward to seeing it. I won’t be able to watch it till Friday’s re-run as I live in Australia…Best of luck 🙂

  • Hommus Betheeneh Thursday, November 25, 2010   Reply →

    Hahaha! Player Bassem! Was waiting for someone to parody that, I have a parody list I wanna share with you sometime. Yeah it’s become one of the catchy Lebanese phrases like “ka2anno fee suuuperman!”. I think it goes back to Neshan’s show…
    Btw, mabrouk 😉

  • Lara Thursday, November 25, 2010   Reply →

    Mayouuush, am very excited to watch it!!! I am sure u were great, as always…

  • TArek Friday, December 10, 2010   Reply →

    Tsu2 Tsu2 Tsu2 ( please emphasise on the T )

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