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Fanart #7

The latest very sweet fanart I received is from a Lebanese musician. It’s a beautifully painted porcelain piece, containing one of the comics from the Celebration story! I can’t tell you how touched I was to see it … Thank you 🙂

In other news, Philippe El Hage’s website that I’ve been working on is up! Philippe is my all-time favourite jazz pianist. More on http://www.elhagephilippe.com/.

Have a great weekend my darlings, see you Monday!

Just another deal



Don”t worry I don”t get the way some people think either! I wonder if it”s our profession that”s always underestimated, or if this is just the way Lebanese downlond free games do business. I also wonder why I still deal with the likes of her!! Need to draw a line at human rights infringements of the sort…

In other news, go see what we”re cooking on Maw2af.org. We tested our election-meter on Iranian Election!! Click here to see the results…


Technology & Communication



I had trouble communicating during a skype meeting today which led to me naturally shouting as if this was the solution! It reminded me of the KSA days when I would wake up to my mom shouting on the phone while talking to family in Leb. As if shouting would get the voice more efficiently given the distance between the location 🙂

Now go see on Maw2af.org if I’m there! We’re talking about Lebanese ants today!

saba7o Click here for more. Ouhhh I wonder what this little ant is cooking! 🙂

With this, I wish you a lovely day!

That's what I call freedom!









































































































I’m having the chance to work on a top-secret project (that i’ll be revealing to you super-soon!) and I must say that I finally found someone in Lebanon who KNOWS how to deal with graphic designers and who actually believes that their job requires expertise in the domain. The problem of working in Lebanon (and in fields requiring visual communication such as architecture, interior design, fashion  design …) is that all the citizens think those jobs require ‘zo2’ meaning taste, and are not a matter of expertise or experience…  Besides, I always get comments implying that our job is overrated, that it is all about doing some coloring and drawing… So to all of you potential graphic-design-clients out there, learn from the above example and stop taking our profession lightly.

It's all relative.












It’s all relative. Sometimes making the dishes can seem like an annoying task. BUT… Other times its the only escape from a major ordeal.

As you can see, we got pretty bad news at work today.. Wish us luck (again) with this never-ending eternal project…