Ya Salwa Leysh 3am Tebki?






















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(conceptualized by elie awad and illustrated by me)

It’s the last week before elections, and people seem to be so politically charged and stressed. So, this week, we will be posting in the “election comics” section, until the E-day! When you’re just sick of all the elections propaganda, problems, billboards, campaigns, candidates etc. just go to and laugh about it 

have a lovely day 🙂

About Parking Spaces









After days and days (yes it was a matter of days) of super hard work, I can proudly announce that (or the top-secret project I’ve been hinting to you about lately) is online, and almost perfectly functioning!

TOP SECRET: gives youth across Lebanon a platform to report and share on topics of their choosing: social, environmental, political, entertainment,etc. is a non-political, non-religious website. And most importantly, guess who designed it! 😀 Come on, take a guess!

This website is a project of the famous Y4T (Youth for Tolerance) the NGO that I joined and that I have also been talking to you about. Check out our website to know more about our projects.

Now some extra news:

• I will be regularly posting comics on (a bit like here, but more socially/politically oriented and that I’m co-working on with Elie Awad) so you can check them there. Will keep you posted the first week of the new… well, postings!

• YOU can post stuff too! Photos, articles, shout your opinion out loud for everyone to read it, see it… Looking forward to see what you have to submit!

In case you missed yesterday’s news, click here for the lovely interview that I had with NOWLEBANON. Thank you Maysam! 🙂