It’s finally the day!! See you all at Art Lounge-Karantina at 6:30PM. Can’t wait, miss you guys a lot! 😀

Here are the details again:

• Time: Starting 6:30PM

• Place: Art Lounge – Karantina – +961 3 99 76 76

• Event on Facebook

See you in a while 😉 Until then, today’s theme song is…





Many people have been asking me about my opinion regarding the flotilla. Well, here it is. Deforming reality has limits and the world population isn’t 100% stupid to believe all the lies about the ‘weapons’ aboard the flotilla ships. I hope this will not be forgotten in 2 days like what usually happens in the online scene. For 2 days, everyone tweets and blogs heavily about the issue only to completely forget it few days later. In relation to that, here’s Bob Dylan’s amazing ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’.

In other news, if you’re around Tripoli, pass by City Complex this afternoon at 6PM. I’ll be signing my book there at the opening of Amalgame exhibition! See you there 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Déjà vu?






























































I know, I know. The reason why we can panic so much is because we see terrible events from the past repeating themselves in a very, very stupid way. (Human are supposed to learn from their mistakes). But since I think we will be having a lot of surprises soon with the cabinet’s mission impossible, I decided to take things lightly, and not to panic unless things get REALLY messy. Which, hopefully, optimistically and idealistically will not happen. Keep it positive! 🙂 Have a great weekend!