Sunday updates (+Fanart #10)

Yesterday, Saturday 27th February, I got the chance to give a presentation to the children of the Armenian Thorossian school in Bourj Hammoud. We talked about drawing, blogging, going after what you truly like doing in life. And we had a lot of fun! I only have this terrible photo that I took with my phone from where I was presenting.

In other news, yesterday was also the book signing of the illustrated Arabic poetry book Haltabees (حلتبيس، اشعار من سمسم وخيار), result of the collaboration between the incredibly talented David Habchy & Rania Zaghir. Mashrou3 Leila also sang the poems, and cucumbers & semsom were given away with the book. Beautiful combo & beautiful people! AND I got my copy signed! 😉

I wish you a beautiful Sunday, and I can only tell you one thing: you’re in for a special surprise tomorrow!!! 😉 So stay tuned! And while you wait, I leave you with Lhasa de Sela’s Desdeñosa.

Un, deux, trois. Deux, deux trois…

Making-of Meedan video

meedan video storyboard

I was approached by Meedan to design/animate a short video explaining the concept behind the website “in plain English” and “in plain Arabic”. A BIG thank you goes to the lovely Mohammad Kayali (from Hyperlink Podcast) who recorded the sound & translated the text to Arabic on a very short notice, and to SMEX Beirut for providing me with the flip cam to do the video recording. Here’s the outcome in English!

Meedan in Plain English from Meedan on Vimeo.

Go to Meedan News & scroll down for the 2 versions!

And on another note, what’s a Monday morning without some music! Here’s the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun.

In other news, this blog was happily selected to be Blog of the Week on Lebanon Aggregator because next week we’re turning 1 year old! So happy about it! Thank you so much! 🙂

Have a great week 🙂

Ain't no smoking 2nite!

First, I am so sorry for posting so slowly lately 🙁 (Too much work and I’m late in all of it and doing my best to finish asap to tell you about it).

That said, today I will show you the poster I illustrated for ‘Ain’t No Smoking 2nite‘ event that will take place in Gemmayze on October 28th in 35 pubs. The reason I was approached for the design of the poster is this anti-smoking in closed areas post. I hope this will become a regular thing and not just a one night event. Have a lovely week end 🙂


Amalgam FAQ's



















































Hope this answers (some of) the questions that I am often asked about the blog, its functionality, its purpose, etc. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask me (I’m sure Oprah would be glad to have me again on her show! ;)) Have a lovely week-end!