Add Ma Baddik! [As much as you want]

Presenting… my latest animation! 🙂

Here’s the original post that the animation was based on.
[Youtube blocked at your work? See it on Vimeo. Vimeo blocked at your work? Change your job!]

I’d like to give a BIG thank you to Toni Yammine who offered to help with the sound, making the animation much richer and more fun!!!

Here’s a sneak peek of the making of, enjoy!

I will end today’s post with a song by an ‘underground alternative’ Lebanese band from the 80’s, the Quiminboos. This song, called Behsos, is impossibly cute, authentic and funny [mostly if you understand Arabic & Lebanese accents]. It’s from the CD compilation of Lebanese alternative music, Banadoura. Have a lovely day! 🙂

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Illustration for self-expression

I was very happy to give a workshop at Nasawiya about using illustration to deal with your frustrations. I had a great time, met lovely people, and we all drew and chatted about illustration. Add to that cake and juice, how better can it get? 🙂

I’d like to thank Nadine Moawad and Joelle Hatem for helping me to organize it, Jessica Dheere from SMEX for the projector, and everyone who attended for their participation and making this fun!

Here’s the outcome of the workshop, for more photos, check out the Facebook photos.

My illustration of the event:

Maya Zankoul workshop at Nasawiya

Nadine‘s funny -true story- comic: [click to enlarge]

Joelle‘s existential cartoon 😀 [click to enlarge]

A 12-year old girl, Alice El Asmar, surprised us all with her AMAZING TALENT, she’s a real pro [wacom and blog and all!]

Jessica‘s cartoon who looks just like her!

Nadim’s also kind of existential cartoon

Abeer‘s drawing against photography restrictions in Leb – She’s right!

Ali’s Gemmayze demonstration:

If your drawings aren’t here, please send them to me at maya.zankoul [at] gmail [dot] com!

Have a lovely weekend all 🙂 I’m off to play some piano…

Visiting Zahle #2













I know one or two who will recognized themselves in the comics 😉 I have very beautiful memories from those 2 days spent in Zahle, thanks again to all of you who showed up at the exhibition, and who gave me feedback, I really enjoyed it! To those who missed it, here are the photos of the event, tag yourselves and your friends. Tomorrow, I will be giving a presentation in Ayman Itani‘s class at LAU, and will be posting live from there! 😉 See you then!

Fanart #7

The latest very sweet fanart I received is from a Lebanese musician. It’s a beautifully painted porcelain piece, containing one of the comics from the Celebration story! I can’t tell you how touched I was to see it … Thank you 🙂

In other news, Philippe El Hage’s website that I’ve been working on is up! Philippe is my all-time favourite jazz pianist. More on

Have a great weekend my darlings, see you Monday!

Overview of AUB lecture + workshop

Thanks to Rachel Hines for giving me the chance to give the presentation & workshop at AUB today. I had a great time, and met lovely friendly people. We enjoyed drawing some comics, that I’ll share with you as soon as they send them to me. I’ll leave you with some photos.






















Comics on Ceramics!








Et voilà, that’s the big secret behind my more-than-usual absence! I missed you so much, glad to be back posting and updating you! So the idea is that a book signing is planned on October 28th, 2009 at Ceramic Lounge, Saïfi Village, starting 6 PM. You will also be able to paint your stress away with the special edition comics I’ve illustrated exclusively for Ceramic Lounge, that you can trace on ceramic items. You can also get mugs that I painted for you… Click here for the Facebook event page.

Here is the flier promoting the event. Hope to see you all there!! 🙂 Have a beautiful day


Interview with Future TV

I got interviewed by Future TV about the book release in their morning show عالم الصباح on Thursday 17/09/2009. Here is the interview:


Marketing strategy

























































I was able to catch another SCOOP of the book in Virgin in the Comics (BD = bandes dessinées) section! Terrible photo quality, but I had to do it very fast 😛 Here you are (but don’t tell anyone! 😛 ) I’m still receiving messages/e-mails about where the book can be found: it can be found in Virgin Megastore (Downtown, ABC Ashrafieh, City Mall Airport) and Libraire Antoine across Leb.