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Defining Entrepreneurship #2

Web entrepreneur: I spend my days browsing "websites" in order to eventually get hit by a brilliant idea that has already been implemented 10,000+ times.



Green entrepreneur: i know how to seize every single opportunity be it mountain climbing or scuba diving



tech entrepreneur: i got an ipad before you!



social entrepreneur: we used to call it PR but the terminology was changed to fit the entrepreneurship era



Music entrepreneur: my latest clip "hobbak nar" was a revolution in the arabic music biz. i had the brilliant idea of bathing in corn flakes. it was the right thing to do, my song has been top 1 since.

Got more ideas? share away! :-)

[NB: This post (& the previous one) are criticizing the way the  concept of “entrepreneurship” has been overused & abused on the web lately, in the Arab world specifically. Yet it does not deny in any way the existence of  “true entrepreneurs” who work/have worked very hard and of whom we are extremely proud 🙂 ]

The content of this post was “crowdsourced over a friendly chat in Cafe Younes. And that was today’s lesson in Entrepreneurship 101! On a lighter note, the whole “entrepreneurship” parodies happening on Twitter are extremely hilarious, thank you #Maniachi team for adding laughter to our feeds everyday 🙂

I’ll now leave you with the music of an artist I only discovered yesterday thanks to Raafat Hamze (who also happens to have great writings on his blog).

Have a lovely day! 🙂

Damn business cards!