It’s finally the day!! See you all at Art Lounge-Karantina at 6:30PM. Can’t wait, miss you guys a lot! 😀

Here are the details again:

• Time: Starting 6:30PM

• Place: Art Lounge – Karantina – +961 3 99 76 76

• Event on Facebook

See you in a while 😉 Until then, today’s theme song is…

Killing time

we all complain about not having "enough time"










I guess that I’ve been feeling in dire need of more and more time everyday to finish all the things I want to do. So I decided to make the most of all those hours wasted everyday because of glitches in our daily life! I won’t comment about that I’m slow in posting, because a blog is just like a person, sometimes just too busy, sometimes too moody to post every other day, so I hope you understand! 🙂

And here’s the positivity-spreading, day-brightening ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by the Beatles–can’t get enough of this song! Have a lovely day 🙂

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My baby turns 1 year old!

My blog turns 1 year old today!

Today, we celebrate Amalgam's 1st birthday!

Candle blowing

On this special day, I 'd like to thank every single person who supported, commented, liked, visited, hated... participated to making this blog what it is today. I could not have done it without you!  I love you all my darlings!

To thank you for all your love, I have a  proposition for you: I am going to give away  3 Amalgam books, and I am going to add  3 posts to the blog today (including this one).  The 1st commenter (located in Leb) on each of the posts will get a signed copy of the book!

So, let’s go, comment away! 😉 The comment has to be “Happy Birhday!”  So if you don’t want the book, just comment something else :p

[If you already have the book and don’t need another copy, please give a chance to others 😛  & sorry about limiting it to Leb, but it’s a bit complicated to send the book across the planet at this time]

I would also like to take this chance to give some…


Let’s go back to the VERY FIRST POST I did on this blog! I called it “my tranquilizer” back then, and today I can say that this is exactly what this blog has been to me. I hope you all find your own “tranquilizers” and that next year will only be as good as the 1st one!

236: Is the number of posts on this blog since day 1!

2247: Is the number of comments you guys made on all the posts!

200,000+: Is the number of visits during the blog’s 1st year!

Let’s end it with Frank Sinatra singing “Happy Birthday” just for us! 😀

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N.B: Two other posts will follow today, so stay tuned if you want to get those books! 😉

P.S: This birthday was due on February 10th, but I have been over-super-busy to prepare all this, so let’s settle for March 1st as official blog birthday!

Maxime Chaya – Steep Dreams





















Yes, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow is Maxime’s book STEEP DREAMS’ signing, at Villa Audi, Sofil. From 10.00 am to 8:00 pm! Here’s the poster, click on it for more info, or just visit the website: A big thank you goes to Samer Karam (with whom I worked on the website), for giving me this chance 🙂 Can’t wait to get my copy of Maxime’s book tomorrow! Hope to see you all there 😉 Have a great day!

Book finally available online!

And here”s the moment I”ve been waiting to announce you for a while now:

The book is finally available online on for people living outside Lebanon to be able to get it!! 


It's time for… a REPRINT!






Yes ladies and gentlemen! I’m out books… They’re all either sold, or in bookstores. Since I am planning 2 future book signings, I will reprint! 🙂 Decision was taken after many hours of thorough reflection 😛

Book signings planned for October:

*28/10/2009: Ceramic Lounge, Saïfi Village: (this is the top secret project that is going to keep me busy and therefore a little bit slower in posting) Ceramic Lounge will be launching a special edition of stencils of my drawings for people to be able to paint them on ceramics! (plates, mugs, tiles … you name it!) The launching will also be accompanied by a presentation and a book signing session. More details soon!!

* Youth Culture Center, Zouk Mikael: (Date TBD [=To Be Defined 😛 ] As the Library of Zouk Mikael is being restored and refurnished with many books, we will organize in collaboration a book signing there! I am very proud that Zouk Mikael has now a public library! You can submit your books there as well. Click here for more information.

While I’m at it, I will also be presenting the blog and book at Pecha Kucha Night Beirut #6 along with 13 artists who will be talking about their work. Click here for more details.

With this, I wish you a lovely weekend! I’ve got lots of preparations during this month, wish me luck! 😉

Marketing strategy

























































I was able to catch another SCOOP of the book in Virgin in the Comics (BD = bandes dessinées) section! Terrible photo quality, but I had to do it very fast 😛 Here you are (but don’t tell anyone! 😛 ) I’m still receiving messages/e-mails about where the book can be found: it can be found in Virgin Megastore (Downtown, ABC Ashrafieh, City Mall Airport) and Libraire Antoine across Leb.


The solution to your worries
















































































































































Oh life! After a major disappointment/surprise in the contract with the distributors of the book, I found complete consolation in a cup of chocolate yogurt. It works wonders to fix all the problems of the world. And what’s more enticing about it is this billboard with a huge chocolate yogurt that they have all over the highway… If you have seen it you should know what I mean. I find it irresistible! Hope your lives will be full of chocolate yogurts! 🙂

Major dilemma



















































































































































I found this sign in souk jounieh really funny. Are the brothers competing with each other? Two adjacent orthodontists who are brothers… HOW is this supposed casino online to work? It didn”t make sense to me at all! On what basis should new clients approach the one or the other?

Now in other news.. I”m sorry I”ve been slow in posting, but I”m preparing the book launch so please bear with me! Here”s a small “avant-première” exclusively for you 😉 See you soon!