Streetiquette – a Quiz & a Competition!

Now the best part of this quiz is that the first 3 of you to fill it in correctly and email it to me before tonight will get a free copy of Amalgam vol. 2, signed, with surprise stickers!

1- You can download the quiz here: Streetiquette_Quizz

2- Fill it in, and email it to: maya.zankoul [at] gmail [dot] com

This is how the poster looks like

The other piece of news if that you’ll receive your prize from…

I’ll be signing my books at Virgin Megastore, DownTown Beirut, on Saturday December 18, and you’re invited! For more info check the Facebook event. So in case you’re out of ideas for Christmas gifts, I’ll see you there 😉

Until then, have a fantastic day. Results will be announced tomorrow or Monday!

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  • Ned Hamson Thursday, December 9, 2010   Reply →

    Was in Lebanon before you were born – 1966. Traffic is the same – grin. Good to know – not really – that some things never change. I think the guy driving with hands out both sides of car is grandson of guy who drove me to all his favorite places – same style of driving. Good post!

  • Ghassan Thursday, December 9, 2010   Reply →


  • moudz Thursday, December 9, 2010   Reply →

    Never park under a building because a piano might fall over your car 😛

  • Eliedh Thursday, December 9, 2010   Reply →

    Yesterday morning a car was causing a mini traffic jam inside the traffic jam (moving even slower then the slow moving traffic). When I got near the car I looked at the people inside to see why they were moving so slowly. Inside the car there was a mother and a daughter, the daughter was holding Amalgam Vol 2 and showing it to her mom!

    • Hommus Betheeneh Thursday, December 9, 2010   Reply →

      Hahaha 😀
      MAYA! o.O

  • Thursday, December 9, 2010   Reply →

    Maya, did you know that if “your neighbor” falls off his balcony and lands on your car you will actually be called-in for investigation and you might be blamed for the incident because your car broke his fall ? and if a motorcycle hits your car you will also be blamed for that even if your car is at a complete stop? say hello to the Lebanese law 🙂

    • Hommus Betheeneh Thursday, December 9, 2010   Reply →

      Lebanese law… EPIC FAIL 😀

  • Haytham Khouja Thursday, December 9, 2010   Reply →

    *shoots the 3akes el seir comers”

  • annie Thursday, December 9, 2010   Reply →

    Hahahaha shou hayda midterm exams ???/

  • mc Friday, December 10, 2010   Reply →

    The guy with the left hand outside is indicating the way YOU (beside him) should go, because he’s going right 🙂

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