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A quick thought on the speeding radar implementation… And a note to those who think the speeding limits were added along with the radars. That’s not true. The (illogical) limits have always been there, but we were never looking and never bothered 😉 Well, at least they’re doing it fairly.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 🙂 Here’s Bus Ride by Ry Cooder (from the amazing soundtrack of My Blueberry Nights). Enjoy…

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  • Maria Friday, December 3, 2010   Reply →

    i am very happy about the new rules of traffic .Lebanon is an amazing country and it would be much better if we follow the rules .
    And Maya Nice post .

  • Nisrine |D & D Saturday, December 4, 2010   Reply →

    Lovely blog, Maya. You are a great artist. Btw, Maya is my daughter’s name 🙂

  • Hommus Betheeneh Saturday, December 4, 2010   Reply →

    Befteker enno osset el radarat la bet2addem wala bet2akher.
    They should implement a vehicle quota or something. Make public transportation more feasible… w Iza ma baddik totla3e bel autobus, you have to pay extra for owning the car and for parking it somewhere.

  • jimena Sunday, December 5, 2010   Reply →

    Hi Maya! GReat post as always! I enjoyed it a lot. PLease, do you know about the website where one can go and check how many tickets one has? A taxi driver told me about it. I am afraid I have more than one cause nobody told me about the radars for at least 3 days. Not that I am a crazy driver but I know I do used to speed on the highway 🙂
    Thanks dear!
    Jimena (maha moghabghab’s mom)

  • Danielle Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    great post! even with the new radars and everything, i still will never drive in this country!

  • Fady Tuesday, December 7, 2010   Reply →

    Well finally we have some radars in Lebanon.
    But what surprised me was when watching that report on a local TV channel about an application that You can download on Your phone which locates radars in Lebanon. Well that is what I call the most stupid report ever!
    Well I don’t know if there are ones who agree with me..But my point is that we are trying to have some order in this country, so here is this report telling people how they can be “smarter” by locating the radars..Im sure after after it was broadcasted many people began to download it on their phones:S

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