Peace of land

The war we're covering today, my friends, is not of a political nature.

It's a far more serious & danger...

dangerous war

Someone eating lands

No more trees

No more mountains

2010: buildings, 2120: Water innondation

What we know about the suspects...

They eat trees, they are loaded, they have no construction background whatsoever

How they operate: LOOK!! A piece of land!

RΓ©sidence Le Pine

RΓ©sidence Le Pine, in reality

In summary, it would be GREAT if the municipalities could set a quota (and enforce it) for building construction in residential areas according to market needs and nature preservation!

Today’s post was featured in

If you’re around Beirut today at 6:30PM, I’ll be signing my book and participating to a debate in a pub in Gemmayze ‘Cheers & Wind‘. The debate is about: The Impact of Online Social Networking on the Lebanese Society’ followed by a Spanish light dinner for the hungry ones…

Today’s song is called Rhayader, it’s from Camel’s best masterpiece album that I LOVE: The Snow Goose. I love the flute in it, and I recommend you all to get the album πŸ˜€

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Other than that, have a lovely day!

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  • Simon Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    Hey Maya,
    u look kinda cute in military colours πŸ˜‰ hehehe

    Great post as usual. you have no idea how corrupt the municipalities, all over lebanon, are. I come from a family of developers, who develop in lebanon and here in australia. The government (municipalities in particular) is so corrupt, they force you to cough up bribes to get plans through even if they are legal!
    So to get their money back, developers start building bigger than planned for to get their money back.

    we have stopped developing in Lebanon because of that. Approximately 20% of building cost is just bribes. it’s not worth it.

    • Simon Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

      excuse the repetition, i should proof-read before i submit the comment!

  • Micheline Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    Always spot on! Great post as usual Maya πŸ™‚

  • Darine Sabbagh Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    Been thinking about this over the past few weeks, sometimes it feels that even the smallest spots are taken over by new residential building and it is becoming suffocating!

  • Sahar Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    A great post as usual and very well put. It’s really nice how you manage to pinpoint the problems in a very ethical way away from politics (which is almost the only topic discussed in Lebanon). People need to see what is happening to their land without fearing to speak because what they think might not be in favor of who they support. And as you said, for who? these r not built for Lebanese who are actually living in Lebanon, yett only they have to suffer the consequences of being robbed of what is left of their nature.

  • Zeina Gabriel Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    Min temik la beb el sama ya Maya (from your mouth to the door of the sky*), I hope the municipality and the government will do something about this very soon πŸ™‚
    Have a great day πŸ™‚

  • Mira Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    mayaaaaa!! i love it!! ur sooooooo right!!
    btw i love ur monster!! πŸ˜›

  • Wissam M Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    nice post )

  • Jihad Beydoun Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    Very nice post maya !!
    i hope your voice (and ours) will be heard !!

    also very nice song !! I will be getting that album soon πŸ˜€

  • David Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    Thank you for addressing this problem!

    Not to mention that this sort of uncontrolled development not only harms the environment by cutting trees but is also a cause for the traffic problems. Municipalities don’t seem to take into consideration that when developing a new project outside of the existing street network it is not enough to just connect this development to the existing streets by building a new street, but that the old streets also have to be widened and adjusted to the increase of traffic.

  • KJ Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    LMAO! epic one!

    Same is happening in Syria… I miss driving out of Damascus and seeing full mountains. Now many of them have been caved by dynamites

  • naji Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    thank you soo much Maya for this post it expresses alot the cause we are working on
    please to all Maya fans join us on this event on the 25 th of September
    thank you
    the save beirut heritage team
    naji raji

  • josef H. Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    I LOVE IT! hoping to meet you at our saturday gemmayze march (:
    keep the good humor,

  • Alf Monday, September 20, 2010   Reply →

    So sad and yet so true!
    Especially when we feel that we cannot do anything to kill this monster eating our nature… or can we??? we should really do is a good first step to talk about it, but we should act urgently before there will be nothing left to protect…

  • Hommus Betheeneh Tuesday, September 21, 2010   Reply →

    Maya 3anjad wlo keef sa7labte men wara dahre w posted all this much! w 15 comments!
    Yeah my village (now, referred to as a city) battal feya she esmo turath! πŸ™
    Shelo kam beit 3amar adeem w they’re gonna construct high-rises instead πŸ˜€
    Ma ba3ref I don’t believe this phenomenon is common to all Lebanese groups. There are some pple who are trying to preserve Lebanese heritage in stipulating certain procedures while others really just dont give a rodents behind.
    I hope your post stirrs up something in the pple in charge.
    Keep Posting… πŸ™‚

  • Ramzi Y Tuesday, September 21, 2010   Reply →

    HA ! epic ! loved it !exactly how i felt when i visited beirut this summer…it made me never wana come back.. i cant breath anymore because what used to be a spacious area and relaxing view that i had from my balcony in roucheh is now nothing but buildings and construction sites for even more buildings. who buys this stuff???… only if someone actually listens… actions speak louder than words , we need a revolution ! or something of the sort. anyways , great post !

  • Em Wednesday, September 22, 2010   Reply →

    Great post Maya! Very spot on!

  • jimena Wednesday, September 29, 2010   Reply →

    Great post Maya and so on the spot!! YOu (meaning the Lebanese and their politicians) are destroying this country. So bad and such a shame, really. Soon it won’t be a green space to admire here.
    I wanted to ask is that place where the dinner took place a Tapas Bar? Do you know of some in Beirut or surroundings??
    Thanks a lot
    Jimena (Maha Moghabghab’s mom and avid reader of your posts as well)

    • maya zankoul Wednesday, September 29, 2010   Reply →

      Hi Jimena! Thanks for your comment. Cheers & Wind is not a tapas bar, but that night, the host had gazpacho & a ‘spanish salad’ as he called it, prepared by spanish author elena lopez gomez.

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