Mass laughing






If you watch TV in Lebanon, then you’ll know which shows I am referring to. I don’t usually watch TV (except cartoon network & fatafeat) but came across those shows by coincidence. It surely was the first & last time!

Other than that, I wish you a lovely week! 🙂

Hello Faith Hill…

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  • sajami Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    jajaja … that’s true , these jokes sucks really, big time!!! ur awsome maya … keep it up !

  • Najib Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    I know MTV had a lingerie show on TV around 8 pm with many models barely dressed. Even Fashion TV waits until after 11 to broadcast those.

  • Mireille Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    i love the kids drawing 😀 !

  • Rudy Chidiac Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    lol they all suck and should go get a life..

  • Hady Ziade Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    These are the most viewed programs . so its actually the Lebanese who watch these programs keeps it going .

    anyway this kind of programs exists everywhere in the world …

    • Hommus Betheeneh Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

      Eh khayye, bas mesh 3anna be Lebnen, nehna mashri2ieh w mendall mashri2ieh (ntebeh, I used “mashri2ieh”)… Ya 3eibeshoum 3layon wAllah…
      Ba3den mesh hajje, enno ekher el zaman na3mel yalle bya3mlo be Amerca w ghayra? Enno, suddenly, they become our role models? Our idols? 3a ayya ases? Mesh 3a ases nehna w nehna w nehna, badall ma henne yettalla3oulna be 3ein kbeere, w yehtezo feena, mna3mel metlon??
      Eh ma taweeeele 3a ra2beton w fashar be 3or***…
      Anyway it’s too late now, hallaa bteftekroune dodd kell el what I call “fased akhle2e” be Lebnen. Bas at least limit this to spatial entities mesh TV shows every one including kids can access…


  • mc Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    It’s the same on french tv and french humorists have the same silly jokes!

    I’d rather compare those jokes to the “caca pipi” children’s jokes!”, very funny indeed! :S

  • Danielle Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    Caca pipi..hahaha

  • Riham Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    Haha, I hate these two shows for exactly that. If it was one episode featuring the sex theme, fine, but a whole show where they only joke about that? No thanks.

    Now let’s talk about the important stuff: Are any of these kids you drew up for adoption? They’re sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • Christine Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    hahahah!! great job! ma 7adan saba2ik 3leya hal fekra 😀

  • Ivy Says Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    You hit it right on the head Maya with the first image- someone needs to tell both OTV and MTV that it’s getting old.
    The worst part of it is that 80% of the jokes are super degrading to women- but they are being told by the women on the show. Now how sad is that?

    • Hommus Betheeneh Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

      Women aren’t these cheap goods btenbe3 bel kiosk 3al shere3!
      3anjad women all over Lebanon must demand all of this nonsense be ceased immediately!

  • Fady Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    Well what I call stupid is when they keep telling the same joke every week and they do laugh like it was the first time they hear it!
    Couldn’t You watch LOL this week?! Well no need to panic! Im sure the same jokes will be on Ahdam Chi next week and vice versa!
    Some people will say that we are those narrow-minded people but we guarantee that we are the most open. Sex shouldn’t be a Taboo but neither loses it values.
    Even if foreign countries do broadcast such type of shows, should we copy everything they do?! Who said that they are always right?!
    Wanna make people laugh?! Well try to do shows like GAGS and AFV (America’s Funniest Videos) and I’m sure You will have the same rating without any objections!

    • simon Tuesday, December 7, 2010   Reply →

      u’re right hummus,
      btw sma3o hal nekteh:


      Regard devant toi!

  • Armigatus Monday, December 6, 2010   Reply →

    What is good on TV anyway? news? Talk shows?

  • Ahmad Osman Tuesday, December 7, 2010   Reply →

    1. So glad that you’re back to posting regularly.
    2. Indeed, the kids’ drawing is endearing.
    3. I disagree. Well I agree that these two programmes use and abuse sexual jokes, but they are funny because they are jokes, not because of the sexual component in them.

    The sexual component in those two programmes is very important, however, because it is about time that we stop viewing sex as a taboo – our cultural identity is no alibi for us to have taboos, because identity is a dynamic entity, and the only fixture that it should have is function.

    It is also relieving to see people laughing about sex for a change, instead of making a mockery of political discussion (I am for political discussion of course, but the way most of us have been discussing it is a mockery, that is).

    It is also instructive to look at Arab video-clips: they tell you that a people that have no porn industry will need to vent it out in other places (id est, politics and cheap video-clips). This is not (necessarily) a call for the establishment of pornographic industry in the Arab world, but merely exposes the inevitability of venting collective sexual urges somewhere. These programmes do it as professionally as they can.

    • Fady Tuesday, December 7, 2010   Reply →

      Replying to Ahmad,
      Ahmad as I’ve understood, I see that You are with those shows as you consider they are “untabooing” sex. Well first let me say that Sex isn’t anymore that “Taboo” in Lebanon as before. But if You consider it so, well I guess we can find useful ways that would prevent people treating sex as a Taboo but with respect and consciousness. For example lets take the new shows that we are seeing lately on LBC And MTV: Lezim Ta3rif and The Doctors. Well these are the most useful shows that I have ever saw on Local Channels. These shows treats Sex problems and topics in useful ways with Seriousness and by doing so they are turning in an indirect way Sex as not a Taboo anymore.

      When most of our jokes are based on Sexuality well personally I feel that this makes people forget unconsciously Sex and relatives as being something intimate.

      And I repeat that we have other ways to make people laugh. “3ich w tekoul 8ayra” on TELE LIBAN was one of the most hilarious shows in Lebanon.

      And I assure that everyone knows better effective personal ways for venting our sexual needs:)

      • Hommus Betheeneh Wednesday, December 8, 2010  

        Chapeau bas

  • M.Halabi Tuesday, December 7, 2010   Reply →

    haaa! I don’t just admire u, i love u too, and u r 100% correct. The best words to say about these shows is doon el mostawa. I am the only one upon my frndz who does not watch those stupid shows, and i am o?proud!

  • Hady Ziade Saturday, December 11, 2010   Reply →

    i still see that ppl are missing the point . you are all talking about the problem as its only the TV . be sure if any TV start a new intellectual program that didn’t get the audience attention … IT WILL STOP.
    these shows go on cause the LEBANESE PEOPLE that we are defending LOVE IT !

    sex or no sex jokes PPL make that show go on .

    concerning the kids , we should wait for out kids to be raised by the TV , we should be doing that instead …

    • Fady Saturday, December 11, 2010   Reply →

      Replying to Hady,

      We all know that the problem isn’t only limited on TV..but the fact that the Television is the most media that enters everyone’s home pushes You to object…

      Concerning the ratings that You are talking about, well I know that’s how things go on TV..but sometimes we shouldn’t be based on ratings..For instance If a local channel posts a porn movie, well I bet that everyone will be watching that movie. and therefore we will have the highest ratings ever. But in this case should we take ratings as our reference when we know that what we are broadcasting is something immoral? It’s the nature of the Human being to be attracted to sexual contents.

      • Hady Ziade Sunday, December 12, 2010  

        well when you say we shouldn’t be based on ratings … well this is how things works everywhere in the world .
        profit comes first .
        check for example the benny hill show ! that was rated number one in the world … and 80% of his jokes are sex related .
        anyway am not defending these local TV’s , am just saying we should not be surprised …

  • jihad Saturday, January 22, 2011   Reply →

    helo lwahad ya3rif 3an kel chi

  • vera alam Monday, October 17, 2011   Reply →

    what are you talking about?!!!! fi ktir nes jehle w ma bya3erfo chi men chi so khalliyoun yetsa2afo, i like these programs, it’s science . leh lezim ndall kell 7ayetna m3a2adin?!!!

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