Introducing COOKI3MAN










































































Yes, it’s true! You too will get to taste and enjoy COOKI3MAN cookies at the book signing today at Ceramic Lounge! All 3 flavours of them: Chocolate chip, Kinder and M&M. Cooki3man is The First Cookie Twitter Order Service in the World! Use Twitter to order your Fresh Gourmet Cookies…

I know the whole blogosphere talked about this before me, but I was busy preparing the signing 😛 Cooki3man at the signing on Blogging Beirut, +961, and Chanty.

And I also proudly tell you that I got to design the visual identity of Cooki3man, whose temporary website you can visit at What do you think about it?

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  • Darine Sabbagh Wednesday, October 28, 2009   Reply →

    Maya you lied! I can’t believe it!

  • darinerachkidy Wednesday, October 28, 2009   Reply →

    Maya, shame on u!!!
    maybe there is a way to forgive u…mmmmm..let’s see …maybe later at the book signing or may i call it the cooki3man degustation….hehehehehe

  • kim Wednesday, October 28, 2009   Reply →

    What goes into a kinder cookie?

  • Joana Abou-Rizk Wednesday, October 28, 2009   Reply →

    hehehe so cute!

  • Wissam M Wednesday, October 28, 2009   Reply →

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I knew it I knew it!!!!
    At least I was honest and told you that the cookies were awfull :p:p
    Pfff and later I was so sad because I felt you got hurt…

  • Chantal Thursday, October 29, 2009   Reply →

    U designed the cooki3man identity!! WAW 🙂
    it was a nice combination yesterday!!

    Keep it up!!!

  • Dexter Friday, October 30, 2009   Reply →

    And that’s why I didn’t go to your signing, your cookies are fake? I have another question who is making the illustrations?

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