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• mentions post about construction corruption.

maya zankoul nowlebanon In the PRESS

• Radio Interview on Sawt El Mada about the blog & the books (the beginning is missing but you get an idea! :))

Sawt El Mada.rm

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Interview & Article in Gulf News by Samia Badih about the blog & books.

Gulf news maya zankoul samia badih 222x300 In the PRESS

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The September 2010 wallpapers mentioned on!

maya zankoul iloubnan 300x79 In the PRESS

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Interview about the launch of Amalgam vol.2 on Future TV morning show.


Article about launch of Amalgam vol. 2 in L’Orient le Jour

lorient le jour maya zankoul 179x300 In the PRESS

Review on about Amalgam vol. 2 in English by Willy Lowry.

nowlebanon maya zankoul In the PRESS

Review on about Amalgam vol. 2 in Arabic by Maroun Salhani.

nowlebanon maya zankoul2 In the PRESS

Article on about launch of Amalgam vol. 2.

amalgam vol2 iloubnan 300x297 In the PRESS


Report by Toni Tawk on Al Hurra about Amalgam. (coming soon)


Article by Eliana Maakaroun in Al Balad French version about Amalgam vol. 2

albalad french maya zankoul In the PRESS


Article in Al Akhbar newspaper about the launch of Amalgam vol. 2

al akhbar maya zankoul 300x114 In the PRESS


Video from the launch of Amalgam vol. 2 at Art Lounge.


Interview about Amalgam vol. 2 on Kitab, MTV with Karen Boustany.

Pt. 1

Pt. 2


Article by Hanadi Al Deiri in Annahar about the launch Amalgam vol. 2

annahar maya zankoul In the PRESS

Article by Samia Badih in Gulf News about Building a Career on the web.

gulf news maya zankoul 225x300 In the PRESS


Report by Farah Alameh on Mazaj, Future News TV, about Amalgam.


Article in Trait D’Union, French newspaper in Tripoli about exhibition at the French Culture Center of Tripoli.

trait dunion In the PRESS

Mention of blog in Communicate magazine, June issue.

communicate cover 300x102 In the PRESS

communicate maya zankoul 300x191 In the PRESS

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Mention of blog opposing opinion regarding Lebanese ITC law draft in Al Akhbar newspaper.

Screen shot 2010 06 29 at 11.30.28 AM 300x132 In the PRESS

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Report about CC Salon on Mazaj Future TV, along with Toni Yammine from Meen.

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Article about feminist comics in Lebanon in Spanish on the online magazine Periodismo humano.

Screen shot 2010 06 29 at 11.29.25 AM 300x282 In the PRESS

Screen shot 2010 06 29 at 11.29.44 AM 300x289 In the PRESS

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Amalgam mentioned on Talk of the Town show on mtv about the satirical participation to the Crest competition.


Parking satirical stickers mentioned in Al Akhbar newspaper.

al akhbar maya zankoul 300x225 In the PRESS


Amalgam Saida exhibition opening covered in Al Balad and Annahar newspapers.

albalad saida Maya zankoul 151x300 In the PRESS

jpg 222x300 In the PRESS


Amalgam the book covered in L’Officiel magazine April issue.

officiel In the PRESS


Interview on mtv about the blog, book, exhibitons, comics, illustrations and life. Here it is in 2 parts:


Interview on BBC Arabic, about the blogging experience in Lebanon compared to other Arab countries. Here it is:

For the full episode, check out fellow blogger Samer Karam’s post who was also interviewed.


Interview on Future TV with Amer Tabsh in their morning show along with Ayman Itani & Samer Karam. Here it is in 3 parts:


Lecture and workshop at AUB covered in AUB’s Bulletin news.

aub bulletin maya zankoul In the PRESS

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Article about Amalgam exhibition at the CCF in L’hebdo magazine

hebdo magazine maya zankoul In the PRESS

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Article about Amalgam in Al Akhbar newspaper. Thank you Sanaa!

al akhbar maya zankoul In the PRESS

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Thank you to TéléLiban who filmed Amalgam exhibition at the CCF and aired a report about it in their morning show “صباح الخير يا لبنان”

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Thank you to who have covered the CCF exhibition in their arts & culture page!

nowlebanon maya zankoul In the PRESS

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A big thank you to Jenny Saleh for both features! Reminder: The exhibition at CCF in ongoing until Dec 22, so if you did not visit yet, it’s not too late! 😉 No posts today, as I am preparing you some “surprises” for the holiday season! Stay tuned!

maya zankoul femme magazine In the PRESS

plb femme magazine In the PRESS

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Interview on Nataloo Show on New TV with Lebanese Minister of Tourism Fadi Abboud.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thanks to Christine, Nathalie & all the team of the show who made this happen.

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I was delighted to be the first artist chosen by Agenda Culturel to introduce their new section: illustrated Q & A’s

agenda culturel maya zankoul1 In the PRESS

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Presentation of the blog and book at the 1st Arab Creative Commons Salon in Amman in front of Prince Ali from Jordan, Joi Ito, and many others. Amazing experience.

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Article about amalgam among ‘favourite features’ on TimeOut Beirut website.

timeout beirut maya zankoul1 In the PRESS

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Interview with Laurence Le Saux for French comics site

On the homepage:

bodoi homepage In the PRESS

The article:

bodoi maya zankoul 1 In the PRESS

bodoi maya zankoul 2 In the PRESS

bodoi maya zankoul 3 In the PRESS

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Interview in Nahar Ashabab (Annahar supplement) with Hanadi Deiri.

annahar maya zankoul In the PRESS

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Ain’t No Smoking 2nite poster in Daily Star.

daily star non smoking campaign In the PRESS

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I accidentally came across this selection from the “Trip to Sannine” post, while going through the first magazine I picked up at the hairdresser: Elle Orientale’s October 2009 issue. Here is the page:

 In the PRESS

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Pecha Kucha 6 Beirut, presentation. Thank you so much Ayman for filming it!

Pecha Kucha night on

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Interview with women magazine marie claire italy. Thank you Rossana Campisi for the feature simple smile In the PRESS

gazzetta mc maya zankoul In the PRESS


maya zankoul marie claire In the PRESS

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I was fortunate to meet Ghada Azzi, managing editor of ArabAd magazine at the book signing. Below is an interview I had with her. Thank you so much Ghada simple smile In the PRESS

arabad maya zankoul interview11 In the PRESS

arabad maya zankoul interview2 In the PRESS

arabad maya zankoul interview3 In the PRESS

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Radio Interview with le mouv’

Laurence Le Saux, french journalist, got in touch with me for an interview about the book, that she saw at Virgin.

We met at Torino Café in Gemmayzé, where I also got to meet Emilie Mazoyer, who interviewed me for the french radio le mouv’. You can listen to the interview here.

I’m also posting you the interview right below (Thank you so much Patrick Semaan for helping me with this!)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Interview with French magazine Télé

As for Laurence’s interview for Télé, you can see it here.

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Interview with TimeOut Beirut’s Natasha Dirani: A day out to the Silk Museum of Bsous.

On the cover!!

timeout cover In the PRESS

On the 1st page!

contents timeout In the PRESS

The way too nice article! (Thank you so much Natasha!) Click to enlarge

timeout article In the PRESS

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Interview about book release on Future TV, in their morning show with Ghada Abou Adal.

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15/09/2009 – 16-09/2009

A successful meeting of many Lebanese bloggers in T-Marbouta organized by Mission Culturelle Française in collaboration with RFI (Radio France Internationale) and Rue89. Event was covered by several media, which you can find below. (Click on images or links to view/hear them). Event was followed  the next day by a radio interview, featuring Samer Karam from Blogging Beirut, David Hury from Chroniques Beyrouthines, Tarek Chemaly from Beirut NTSC, and Jad Bitar and myself.

French Albalad’s coverage:

lebanese bloggers1 In the PRESS

Rue89’s coverage:

rue89 bloggers lebanon In the PRESS

RFI: (Click here to listen to the interview)

rfi bloggers lebanon In the PRESS

Other websites/blogs:‘s coverage of the event

Blogging Beirut‘s coverage of the event

Beirut NTSC‘s coverage of the event

Plus961‘s coverage of the event

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Interview with L’Orient-le-Jour. Thank you Colette Khalaf. It was lovely to meet you and talk to you! simple smile In the PRESS (Click on image to enlarge)

maya zankoul lorient le jour In the PRESS

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Interview with albalad newspaper. Thank you Farid Kamar, reading it was very encouraging to me!

albalad mayazankoul1 In the PRESS

_ _


Article about the book by Nada Akl on Thank you Nada!

ilouban maya zankoul In the PRESS

_ _


Interview with the very lovely Paola Salwan from Café Thawra. I was very glad to meet a proactive and committed lady, working for women’s rights!

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Article about the blog & book in al akhbar newspaper.

_ _


Report about the book signing event on Rotana News.

_ _


Report about the book signing event on Future News morning show. Thank you Tanya!

_ _


Interview with Chris Sisserian for The Daily Star. Click here to read or click on the image below to enlarge it. Thank you Chris!

daily star maya zankoul In the PRESS

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Interview about the book launching with Karen Boustany, Kitab sequence, on MTV.

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Maya Zankoul’s Amalgam Book on NOW Lebanon’s Summer Reading list. Thanks Maya & Tim!

now lebanon maya zankoul In the PRESS

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Maya Zankoul’s Amalgam Book in L’Orient Littéraire, litterature supplement with the newspaper L’Orient le Jour. Thanks Alex!

 In the PRESS

(Click on the image to view in large size)

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Maya’s Amalgam in a report on Future TV at 8.45 am in ‘أخبار الصباح’ morning show.

_ _

17/06/2009 in Al Balad newspaper.

maw2af albalad In the PRESS

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Live interview and report about Maya’s Amalgam on AL HURRA channel, Al Yowm program, at 9.15 pm with Mona Wehbe, report by Roula Najem. Thank you for making this experience that I was dreading so lovely and easy! You were wonderful!

Part 1:

Part 2:

_ _


Comics from Maya’s Amalgam & were showcased on LBC news. Find below the report:


_ _


In an article about lebanese elections, Nathalie Bontems quoted Maya’s Amalgam on

_ _


Interview with THE DAILY STAR newspaper. Thank you Marc Abi Zeid!

Click on the image below to see it in full size.

 In the PRESS

_ _


Maya’s Amalgam in Sawt Al Shabab supplement distributed with Al Akhbar and Al Nahar newspapers.

sawtashabab11 In the PRESS

_ _


Interview with THE NATIONAL newspaper. Thank you Rym Ghazal!

picture 11 In the PRESS


picture 2 In the PRESS

_ _


Interview with NOWLEBANON. Thank you Maysam Ali for this lovely interview!

1 now lebanon zankoul In the PRESS

2 now lebanon maya In the PRESS

3 now lebanon maya zankoul In the PRESS

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An illustration from the blog has been used in an article from “les observateurs”.

You can check it on the link below:

_ _

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