High as a heel

























I look at high heels as just another form of woman mutilation that has as aim the reduction of their power and control, a bit like a modern ‘chinese foot-binding’ (to those of you who don’t know what foot binding is, it was a custom of keeping women’s feet as small as when they were born by binding them.  Click here for the full story). OK, I’m exaggerating, must be the pain effect. But what is sure is that next sha3nineh I will be wearing a jogging outfit. Fits the occasion perfectly.

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  • Nayla Tuesday, April 21, 2009   Reply →

    Mayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa chaque tenue a son occasion!! tu exageres kan meme mais je v te dire kelk chose, si tu les ettais plus souvent elles auraient pris la forme de tes pieds et tu n’aurais pas autant souffert ce jour la 🙁 .. now what did wear on your dad’s easter?!?!!?

  • Bassem B. Friday, January 29, 2010   Reply →

    I actually set a woman’s hair on fire once with my Palms candle. It was the first time I smelled the distinctive “aroma” of burning hair.

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