Comics on Ceramics!

Comics on Ceramics!








Et voilà, that’s the big secret behind my more-than-usual absence! I missed you so much, glad to be back posting and updating you! So the idea is that a book signing is planned on October 28th, 2009 at Ceramic Lounge, Saïfi Village, starting 6 PM. You will also be able to paint your stress away with the special edition comics I’ve illustrated exclusively for Ceramic Lounge, that you can trace on ceramic items. You can also get mugs that I painted for you… Click here for the Facebook event page.

Here is the flier promoting the event. Hope to see you all there!! :) Have a beautiful day


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  1. I think that Fadi is right. It is about time we recognise local talents, and that our gift items become inspired by our reality, as opposed to imported gift items (which carry with them their own narratives, and which could be fun but are always irrelevant to us). I wish you all the best.

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