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New job musing

I know I’ve been talking a lot about this new step in my life, but this blog has always been and will always be the space to express myself, and I just had to draw those. Late night musings. This … Continue reading

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To new beginnings

. . . . . . . . . . . . Wish me luck! Today’s my first day at my new job! A big thank you to Ayman Itani who made it happen; he is the person who has … Continue reading

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Amalgam goes on TV!

Remember when I told you about my Birthday wish of turning Amalgam into an animated series? Well…… *drum roll* ……. it was actually a sample to submit to LBC intl [Leb TV channel]  to feature it at the end of their … Continue reading

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Announcing… CC Salon Beirut

Remember when I went to Jordan for CC Salon Amman? Well, now we’re finally organizing CC Salon Beirut with the help of Donatella, Habib, Naeema & Mohamad! What I’d like to share with you is the design process of the … Continue reading

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