Briefly in the elevator










The guy managed to tell me his autobiography from the ground to the 14th floor. It was interesting and I felt it’s really a Lebanese superpower to be able to converse deeply with anyone you face, in any situation, at any time!

Today’s song is Tarzan Boy’s Baltimore. This tune is full of positivity! Have a great day/weekend my darlings! 🙂

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  • fadi Friday, April 23, 2010   Reply →

    sooo awesome!!
    i’m so glad you captured this lovely quality that we often find akward

  • Haytham Khouja Friday, April 23, 2010   Reply →

    why didn’t do what i taught you best and shot in between the eyes?

  • Ahmad Osman Friday, April 23, 2010   Reply →

    Wahahahahahaha j’adore.

  • Nahil NK Friday, April 23, 2010   Reply →

    lol thats great 3anjad.. its kinda weird but at the same time its better then bein silent all the time. at least we still recognize each other that theres a 2nd human being ne xt to u.. unlike here.. u get on the bus noone talks. in the elevator noone talks.. in class students leave at least 3 spots empty between each other. u dont even know ur neighbors. NEVER seen them haha. its such a dead zone 3anjad… i cant imagine lebanon hek. tla3e 3al bus bye3j2ouwa lol i miss the social life although it gets annoying sometimes bess i wud def. prefer it!

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  • haitham al-sheeshany Friday, April 23, 2010   Reply →

    that is wt I call an effective elavaor`s pitch ,, lol


  • Rana Friday, April 23, 2010   Reply →

    Mabrouk l sandales Fuschia!!!!

  • Mireille Friday, April 23, 2010   Reply →

    well i still like those small talks between lebanese, they may be awkward, but it gives our society a less “strangers living together in a box ” feeling

    same with taxis i guess also 😉

  • eddy abi abdallah Friday, April 23, 2010   Reply →

    hey maya:D
    nice insight:D
    Your amalgam reminds me of the comic book i did about the lebanese pizza delivery guy and the different situations he goes through daily. Don’t know if your remember it back when we were with Nadim:D I looked at it again the other day after reading your blog:P
    Thanks for bringing the good old memories back:D
    Keep it up!

  • Ayman Itani Sunday, April 25, 2010   Reply →

    hi maya. you may be interested in the web series Elevator Show.
    the show is a web tv series about the awkward discussions taking place during an elevator ride. each episode is around 90 sec, the duration of the elevator ride.

    for more info:

  • HommusBetheeneh Monday, April 26, 2010   Reply →

    WTF 3 posts already 😀 Whoa boy I AM missing out much ya Maya 🙁

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