Amalgam vol. 2 is OUT!

Amalgam vol. 2 is finally in BOOKSTORES!

You can get it for 14$ only! from:

Virgin Megastore (Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan…)

Librairie Antoine (Lebanon)

Malik’s Bookshop (Lebanon)

Hopefully soon on…

A HUUUGE thank you & lots of love to all of you who made it to the signing and/or supported! Here are some pics, and you can see the complete set on Facebook. Go find yourselves!! 😀 If you missed it, worry not for other signings are planned in the near future… so stay tuned 😉

Maya Zankoul signing her book amalgam vol. 2

Maya Zankoul signing her book amalgam vol. 2

Nour Zankoul and Amalgam vol. 2

Please update the signatures you got at the event to the Facebook page, I’d love to keep them as a memory!

Have a lovely day! 🙂

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  • HommusBetheeneh Tuesday, August 10, 2010   Reply →

    Maya’s Amalgam at the top! DUUH!
    3anjad is it a coincidence that the rest of the “books” are all murky and gloomy while your book seems lively and vigorous, or is it just me?
    “Billy Bryson – At Home” pttff, all I know is that MAYA’s in the HIZZED
    “It’s on the charts with one bullet and still climbin'” – … 😀

  • Dar El Akhdar Tuesday, August 10, 2010   Reply →

    The best read in town!
    Go get your copies NOW people!
    Check out “Schengen” and “Religion”stories – AWESOME STUFF!

  • George Tuesday, August 10, 2010   Reply →

    Mabroukkk !!!!!!! wish I was there 🙁 missed it for the 2nd time
    telteh seibteh 🙂

  • didie Wednesday, August 11, 2010   Reply →

    alf mabrouk! we’ll be here for a third one nshalla!
    anw look wht i found! l’orient le jour is talking abt u on their website 😀,_a_la_page.html
    sry for those who don’t speak a word of french 😉
    keep going Maya!

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