About me!

Hello! I’m a Lebanese graphic/web designer & illustrator living in Lebanon, and being a victim of the system every single day…
This blog is a place to release the tensions created by daily hassles, or simply to tell stories of my daily life through fast illustrations.
In the remaining time of my life, I like to play the piano, listen to all types of jazz music, experiment new recipes and watch good movies.

Name: Maya Zankoul
D.O.B: 30/06/1986
Location: Lebanon
E-mail: maya.zankoul@gmail.com

By the way, if you’re enjoying reading the blog, you can purchase the book version of it for 12$ from here and here. See you!

22 Responses to About me!

  1. Zouzeta says:

    Nice Work!!

  2. Nayla says:

    Maya je kif venir sur ce site
    j’aimerai bien voir kelk 1 de tes projets :)

  3. jad says:

    BLOG L NA’ hayda li ken na’es!!! O.C.N (ONLINE CONSTANT NAGGING!!)

  4. Balaji says:

    You speak your heart, Keep speaking

  5. Gio says:

    Hi Maya,

    I loved your blog ! there are some really good ideas presented in your sketches 😀 keep up the great work :)

    Best Regards,

    Georges Emile

  6. M e g a l o m a n i a c. says:

    interresting blog untill i read: “and being a victim of the system every single day…”

  7. Rami says:

    It’s my first time here in your blog and I really loved the idea of documenting your life through illustrations, keep up the good work!

  8. Serpico says:

    Very interesting and funny blog. It keeps me on reading and reading without getting bored :)

  9. LaZaytouni says:

    Love your blog, really great ideas and amazing illustrations!

    Good luck! :)



  10. fadi says:

    killna 3eychina

  11. Hanzala says:

    Hello Maya..
    for the past 30 min i have been checking ur blog..it really captured my attention and i can’t seem to let go!
    Great illustration, so brief, capturing, and perceptive!
    keep it up!

  12. The Random Bastard says:

    I loved your blog ! its so entertaining ! keep it up 😀

  13. Toby(father of Anis Tabet) says:

    Dear Maya,

    First let me congratulate you on such a brilliant book that you published lately.I would not be exaggerating if i said that this book is a master piece created by a genius .

    I will be sending you shortly an e mail which i hope will be of benefit in your future career .
    Keep the good work.


  14. Eleonora says:

    Hi! I’m from Italy…I like your blog and your graphic 😉 very nice!
    I’m a future yacht designer but I also like so much graphic design!



  15. Irene says:


    i m from Switzerland and i love your graphics and stories so much. its the frist thing i check online every moning .. your stories are so funny specially about lebanon or yourself.
    i have been already on vacation in lebanon and have many lebanese friends, of course they are all over the world. but i sent them link of your site 😉

    have a nice week and go on like this
    love from switzerland


  16. suz says:

    Hey, i loved your blog 😀 It’s awesome!! I read about you from the aub website. I will be sure to get your book next time i’m in virgin megastore.

  17. shirley says:

    hiii! which program do u use for drawing? I think you’re so funny! Thankyou n keep up the good work!! Add me on facebook id love to hang sometime. My name is shirley Ge.


  18. Charbel says:

    Very nice, expressive and fun to read.
    My favorite is the greetings post.

  19. Mira says:

    Hello! Love your work. Its funny and cheeky. I was wondering if there is any way posters can be purchased and if they ship internationally. I’d love to have some for my home.
    Looking forward for your reply. Cheeers!

  20. Anil says:

    I just love your blog!

  21. carl david says:

    Hi Maya! my grandmother’s name was Della Zankoul . I have been following your site for some time. I just recently learned of her last name. I have a sister who is named after her. Would appreciate any response

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