Maya ZankoulΒ is a Lebanese author, visual artist, blogger and television personality mostly known for her sarcastic cartoons and comics published in her books and her popular webcomic blog, Amalgam..

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  1. Hello Maya..
    for the past 30 min i have been checking ur blog..it really captured my attention and i can’t seem to let go!
    Great illustration, so brief, capturing, and perceptive!
    keep it up!

  2. Dear Maya,

    First let me congratulate you on such a brilliant book that you published lately.I would not be exaggerating if i said that this book is a master piece created by a genius .

    I will be sending you shortly an e mail which i hope will be of benefit in your future career .
    Keep the good work.


  3. Hallo,

    i m from Switzerland and i love your graphics and stories so much. its the frist thing i check online every moning .. your stories are so funny specially about lebanon or yourself.
    i have been already on vacation in lebanon and have many lebanese friends, of course they are all over the world. but i sent them link of your site πŸ˜‰

    have a nice week and go on like this
    love from switzerland


  4. hiii! which program do u use for drawing? I think you’re so funny! Thankyou n keep up the good work!! Add me on facebook id love to hang sometime. My name is shirley Ge.


  5. Hello! Love your work. Its funny and cheeky. I was wondering if there is any way posters can be purchased and if they ship internationally. I’d love to have some for my home.
    Looking forward for your reply. Cheeers!

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