A trip to the Cedars – I

north lebanon cedars

To be continued tomorrow! (I have tons and tons of work these days, so will post bit by bit rather than not posting at all…)

I consider myself very lucky to have a friend like Nadine and I wish her the best for the year to come in Montreal. Now it’s back to reality with the start of another working week… Good thing we have music to give us back the good memories. We listened to this during our road trip, and I, to  certain extent, identify with the lyrics.

Enjoy, and most importantly, be yourself––no matter what they say! ♫ 😉

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  • Hommus Betheeneh Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

    Bema yakhoss:
    (1) The breakfast table: Do I see batteekh there?? 😀
    (2) Fares Karam: He’s a little bit sweeter than the one with “نحنا ما عنل بنات” , (Non-related: I’m sure you heard May Matar’s come back :D)
    (3) Bsharre: Law bsharre hadd beirut wouldn’t it be better? 🙁

    • maya zankoul Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

      (1) haha no! there’s labneh, zeytoun, jebneh, zeit w zaatar, banadoura, khiar etc.
      (2) ehh! i saw may matar’s comeback. turns out it’s not fares karam btw. it’s mohamad iskandar. fixed it just now.
      (3) OH YES.

  • Simon Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

    Hey Maya,
    Great song isn’t it? hehehe
    Did u go pass Ehden? you can’t go to the north, to cedards, and no visit Ehden and have some of the sweets at the Midan 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the day,

    • maya zankoul Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

      Definitely passed by Ehden! This will be in part II 😉

  • Darine Sabbagh Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

    This song is the favorite song of one of our friends. We always make fun of him for that, plus he sings it as if it is teh most romantic song ever 🙂

    • maya zankoul Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

      You meant Sting’s song or the ‘Wardeh” song?

  • Dar El Akhdar Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

    Hey Maya!
    Can’t wait for the next episode of your Cedars adventure!

    One small note though: the infamous song listed above is for Mohamad Iskandar 🙂
    Fares Karam’s “hits” include ‘El Tannoura’ among others 😀

    • maya zankoul Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

      Thanks for your comment Rabih! True, just fixed it. Not that Fares Karam “hits”
      (HAHA!) are better… Have a nice day!

  • Dania Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →


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  • Jad Fahs Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

    haha maya , funny how you drew nadine :p
    tell you what…ill trade you her HAT for a zankoulified version of me 😉 :p

    • Nadine Wednesday, August 18, 2010   Reply →

      haha Jad I didnt know my HAT was worth so much 😉
      u gotta earn that zankoulified version ! 🙂

  • Charbel Saad Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

    Aww you went to Bsharri? I’m originally from there 😀 I hope you had a great time!

  • Riham Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

    Haha! I’m sure your ears were enjoying the ride, all the way to Cedars!

    I loveeeeed yours and Lara’s relationship with Nadine. Closeness was very obvious. The drawing looks exactly like her btw! haha
    ^ that was a compliment to both of you!

  • Richard Monday, August 16, 2010   Reply →

    “this song is an abomination by mohamad iskandar” EL OH EL!
    maya u made my day =)
    check out this urban dictionary post that depicts what you where pointing at
    keep it coming!

  • darinerachkidy Friday, August 20, 2010   Reply →

    bit late to comment …but r u wearing new sunglasses?? r they really pink fuschia! squarrish style like Rihanna’s! can t wait to C U live ..heheheh

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