November 2010

Talk of the Town!

Hello guys! I missed you the past few days. I want to share with you this drawing I did during my participation to Talk of the Town show on MTV. It”s a parody of their TV ad that has been running, that you can watch here.

The show will be aired tonight, Thu 25 November, at 9:15PM Beirut time. You can also check it out . The shooting took 6 painful hours and I”m anxious about the outcome… We”ll see how it goes this evening…

Until then, here”s 2 delightful songs for you. “Strawberry Fields Forever” & “Here comes the sun” from the Beatles” Love album. Have a beautiful day 🙂

13 Strawberry Fields Forever

18 Here Comes The Sun_The Inner Light [Transition]Thank you Hayete for the songs!

Salon du Livre is over!


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• Scribble Live event: (Thank you for the team who extended my trial account for the event)

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A big thank you to the team who was there and who worked non-stop for 2 weeks to make the event a fantastic one 🙂 Here’s a drawing for/of them! (Martine, Delphine & Hélène)

As for you my darlings, I’ll see you in the next post! 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

Let’s run!




Who said laziness was bad? It’s the attitude that matters! I watched part of the marathon (and its sponsors) yesterday, in support of finding a solution to the causes of drugs and corrupt politicians :-). Other than that, I hope you had a great weekend.

Check out this lovely drawing I got from Elena Sabbagh. Thank you Elena!! 🙂

Have a great day! 🙂

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Far, far away






So yes, in case you haven”t heard: Mount Everest got 3G before Lebanon! What a shame.

Do you know what this also means? If you”re on Mount Everest you can now get my book through AntoineOnline”s amazing (click on the image). And they were so lovely as to add on their Homepage! 🙂 Now go there and enjoy shopping!

Have a beautiful day 🙂 [No song today, the internet connection is too slow to upload]