August 2010

City of blinding lights

Inspired by the latest irrational electricity cuts invading Lebanon… I present you, the September wallpapers!

electricity rationing in lebanon

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Check out this super cool project aiming at mapping electricity cuts in Lebanon. We should all report it and have evidence at how disastrous the situation has been. And they dare publish billboards promising “24/7” electrity soon. Pfff!

Here’s U2’s beautiful City of Blinding Lights. Enjoy, and have a beautiful day! 🙂

Sunday recipe + updates

Before the figs season is over, here


Ingredients: figs, honey, cheese, walnuts, bread


Mix them all together, and now you know what to have for dinner or iftar tonight!

I loved this recipe so much that I had to share it with you! Hope you”ll enjoy it too. Now, some updates.

* – * LATEST NEWS * – *

  • If you live abroad, and would like to get a copy of Amalgam vol. 2, you can now purchase it from website by clicking .
  • In other news, and in case you did not notice already (and wonder why I have turned into a greedy, greedy woman)… I finally decided to add advertisements on my blog! Why not try to generate enough money for the maintenance of this blog by adding few lines of google text and images?
  • Store added on top under the banner! More elements coming very soon…
  • Last but not least, I took a break from the lazy days and updated the press page with the latest coverage (video, press, etc.) of Amalgam. Check it out!

Have a relaxing weekend! 🙂

A trip to the Cedars – II

This is a sequel to this 1st part



It’s cool to relive the ‘tourist’ experience in Lebanon every once in a while. Makes you fall in love with the country all over again! I wish I had more time to elaborate… But it’s back to real life & deadlines!

In other news, I was at Virgin Megastore yesterday, and here’s what i saw!!!!!!

I should say thank you to all of you who made this happen! Amalgam 2 is #5 in Virgin Top 20, 2 weeks after the launch! Calls for a special song to celebrate 😉 Enjoy!

A trip to the Cedars – I

north lebanon cedars

To be continued tomorrow! (I have tons and tons of work these days, so will post bit by bit rather than not posting at all…)

I consider myself very lucky to have a friend like Nadine and I wish her the best for the year to come in Montreal. Now it’s back to reality with the start of another working week… Good thing we have music to give us back the good memories. We listened to this during our road trip, and I, to  certain extent, identify with the lyrics.

Enjoy, and most importantly, be yourself––no matter what they say! ♫ 😉

Amalgam vol. 2 is OUT!

Amalgam vol. 2 is finally in BOOKSTORES!

You can get it for 14$ only! from:

Virgin Megastore (Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan…)

Librairie Antoine (Lebanon)

Malik’s Bookshop (Lebanon)

Hopefully soon on…

A HUUUGE thank you & lots of love to all of you who made it to the signing and/or supported! Here are some pics, and you can see the complete set on Facebook. Go find yourselves!! 😀 If you missed it, worry not for other signings are planned in the near future… so stay tuned 😉

Maya Zankoul signing her book amalgam vol. 2

Maya Zankoul signing her book amalgam vol. 2

Nour Zankoul and Amalgam vol. 2

Please update the signatures you got at the event to the Facebook page, I’d love to keep them as a memory!

Have a lovely day! 🙂


It’s finally the day!! See you all at Art Lounge-Karantina at 6:30PM. Can’t wait, miss you guys a lot! 😀

Here are the details again:

• Time: Starting 6:30PM

• Place: Art Lounge – Karantina – +961 3 99 76 76

• Event on Facebook

See you in a while 😉 Until then, today’s theme song is…

August Goodies

This month has a special event that themed its wallpaper! So download away! Hope to see you on August 4 😉


1680×10501920×1200iPhone,  iPad

And today’s song… Nick Drake <3

Have a beautiful, beautiful day! It’s a special day for me as my best friend Nadine who I haven’t seen in 5 years landed in Lebanon… Hope your days are filled with news as beautiful!