Maya's Amalgam BOOK

To my huge surprise, my amazing colleagues at work created a book of all the blog posts as a birthday present. The book is currently being prepared in limited edition to be launched soon!

To book your copy please send an email to maya.zankoul@gmail.com

I guess this is quite timely with many requests I have received 😉

Love you all, and thank you for your support :)

Shoot yourself



I can’t hear about shootings in Beirut anymore. I can’t hear about the reasons behind the shootings anymore. We’re just going back to where we were few months ago. We keep going back to past situations. Will we ever learn from our mistakes? I had hope, but I’m starting to doubt it… Are the Lebanese really that STUPID? I’m sorry to start the week with such a pessimistic tone, but I’m really worried and depressed from the current situation in Lebanon. I bet I’m not the only one.

At the hairdresser's





On my way out from the hairdresser’s I was seized by a panic shock  when I bumped into a biiiig tall lady doing mèche and coloring her eyebrows in red at the same time, whatever they call it. I observed her for a while, wondering if we placed her exactly the way she looked in another setting, such as fancy party, how beautiful would she look? Funny if you think about the process it takes to “look beautiful” …

Just another deal



Don”t worry I don”t get the way some people think either! I wonder if it”s our profession that”s always underestimated, or if this is just the way Lebanese downlond free games do business. I also wonder why I still deal with the likes of her!! Need to draw a line at human rights infringements of the sort…

In other news, go see what we”re cooking on Maw2af.org. We tested our election-meter on Iranian Election!! Click here to see the results…


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