March 2009

Learning to count
























I’m sure all of you who have driven by the Lebanese Highway have noticed the latest political campaign. Well I guess these campaigns have really been targeting – EVERYONE – lately, and by that I mean all levels of IQ, all ages. No brain challenging whatsoever, simple brainwashing-take-you-by-the hand and ‘feed-you-with-a spoon’ messages. I personally felt quite offended to see the exaggerated level of simplicity in the messages of the latest campaign. What do they take us for? If only they invested all those wasted billboards money in teaching the citizens more profitable values – but it’s probably our job to do that.

Where are the lebanese parents?



















I can’t stand it anymore to go to public family places and see this “maid” phenomenon. This modern slavery should be abolished. Since when do kids need constant stranger nannying when their parents are perfectly healthy? Unfortunately, the mothers seem to be more interested in their own sex-appeal rather than taking care of their children, and the fathers seem to be more interested in making loads of cash to spend on showing off  their fellow citizens. This aspect of our society saddens me very much.

The dangers of specificity

Get Birthday Gift









Greeting Cards



Name Bracelets



Mugs title=”And you call youself the best gift shop?” src=”” alt=”And you call youself the best gift shop?” width=”450″ height=”461″ />




Gift Shops!


We are usually advised to be specific. Specific makes special. I”m not really sure if this applies to gift shops. I”ve had a really hard time finding gifts for friends and family.

If we want to be specific then, “autant le faire nous-même!”




Going to the bank








Rethinking the situation over


Revenge time


I hate going to the bank. First because I have to go pay for my car every month. Second, because  i CANNOT stand the attitude of the tellers, who harass me with questions, knowing that I would really be somewhere else rather than be stuck answering their questions….